July 15: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
“He summoned the Twelve and began to send them out two by two and gave them authority over unclean spirits." - Mk 6:7
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Councils & Appointed Ministries

Building Committee

This Committee made up of individuals with building and construction expertise helps the Pastor by making recommendations for the renovation of the church interior.

Contact: Bill McElhiney

Money Counters

Our Money Counters are a very important part of our community dedicated to their job. We have five teams of volunteers of four or more that open and count whatever has been contributed that weekend. A schedule of dates for the year is provided for each person on their team. Generally, each team is scheduled once each five weeks.

Contact: Parish Office

Parish Finance Council


- Joseph McDonagh - Chair

- Dino Cuscuna

- Bob Ferrari

Contact: Parish Office

Parish Finance Council Policies


Parish Pastoral Council

Purpose and objectives of a parish pastoral council

A. Purpose:

To advise, assist and support the pastor in his leadership role of planning, organizing, initiating, promoting, coordinating and reviewing the evangelization, worship, religious education and service activities within the parish.

B. Objectives:

  1. To assess adequately the needs of the whole parish and its members.
  2. To develop and implement pastoral goals which will promote the common good of the parish.
  3. To recognize the varied gifts of the parish members and invite them to an active leadership role in the parish.
  4. To facilitate unity between the pastor and parishioners through meaningful communication.
PPC Member

Term Expires (term) 

Phone email address
Ed Fitzpatrick 2018 (1) 617-571-9420


Patrick O'Mara 2018 (N/A)   pomara123@gmail.com
Chris Scozarri (VC) 2018 (1) 617-852-1526 scozman@comcast.net
Lisa Tavoletti (A) 2018 (1)




Jody Roffi (A) 2018 (N/A) 781-942-1341 tulipfrog@comcast.net
Christine Ambrose 2019 (1) 781-942-7492 christine.ambrose@comcast.net
Freddy Santosuosso 2019 (2)



Chrissy Cerretani 2019 (1)   chrissy.cerretani@gmail.com
Jim Taylor 2020 (1)



Rosemarie DeLacy 2020 (1) 781-944-5303 rosemarie.delacy@lahey.org
Jim Dudley 2020 (2)   jdudley17@gmail.com


(VC) = Vice Chair

(A) = Appointed

PPC Foundation Document

2015 Parish Survey Report

Contact: Parish Office

Religious Education Commission

The Religious Education Commission is comprised of a group of parishioners who are committed to ensuring that our parish is providing the best opportunities for faith formation to the parish at large. The group serves as an advisory board to the Religious Education Coordinators. Any projected changes such as deciding on new books, curriculum changes, registration procedures, tuition charges, etc. are discussed and voted on at our monthly meetings. Any parishioner is invited to attend our meetings during the 1st half hour (meetings are announced in our parish bulletin) to bring any concerns, suggestions, etc. to the table for discussion.