Liturgical Ministries

Altar Linen Ministry

The Altar Linen Ministry involves laundering the purificators and hand towels used during Mass. This is done weekly and would require less than one hour of ironing after machine washing. This duty rotates so that one person performs it only once every 3-4 weeks. There is an existing Committee, but there is a need for more volunteers.

Contact: 781-944-0330 or

Altar Servers

Altar Servers are a group of boys and girls, 5th Grade and up and have received their first Eucharist, are willing to serve the community of St. Athanasius by assisting the priest at the liturgy. They participate in the entrance and recessional processions, carrying the cross. They also assist the priest in preparing the Eucharistic table at the offertory.

Contact: Michael Terry

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are a group of men and women who are empowered to share the Body and Blood of Christ with their fellow worshipers in the assembly and with those sick and confined. As Special Ministers of Holy Communion, they are called to become and live as the Body of Christ that they give to their brothers and sisters. The Eucharist should be central in their lives.

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Lectors or Ministers of the Word, proclaim the Word of God in the assembly, assisting those who hear the message to be better able to incorporate God’s word into their lives and understand God’s Love.

Lectors at St. Athanasius are adult men and women or youth who have been trained for this ministry. While public speaking experience is helpful, there are differences between public speaking and proclaiming God’s word. What is essential is that Lectors prepare themselves to give Christ the opportunity to work through them using the talents each has been given.

Lectors are provided with a Workbook for Lectors and Gospel Readers to assist with their preparation. These are commentaries to help better understand the meaning of the texts and ideas on how to present the Word of God. Training is provided to help the Lector in their ministry.

Contact: Deacon Neil Sumner 781-944-0330 or


Sacristans are regular communicants who are willing to participate in the liturgical actions. Sacristans may be of any age and either gender. All that counts is the ability to perform and enjoy many tasks. The diversity of our individual gifts brings fresh approaches to this ministry. The sacristans responsibility before the liturgy: the church must be opened, the lights turned on, bread and wine must be in place, vessels and vestments available, liturgy texts and candles set in place, under supervision and support of our pastor.

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The Usher/Greeters’ duties continue through the liturgy. They facilitate the seating of the people, take up the collection, and assist in the formation of the offertory procession.After the liturgy, it is the Usher/Greeters’ job to pick up papers and misplaced items, restoring the worship space in addition to turning off the lights and locking the doors. Their work is to be done with joy and love for God and the community. The men and women who accept this ministry are called to live personal lives that show the presence of God, not just in the church, but every day. Please consider the call to this ministry here at St. Athanasius.

Contact: 781-944-0330 or

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